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High Speed Railway Construction Project Land Acquisition and Hand-over for Use
Drafting of the "Operating Guidelines Governing Supervision of High Speed Railway Transportation Project Land and Structures"







Status of Land Acquisition for the Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT Project:::
    This project involves requisition of private land (202 parcels comprising an area of 9.135056 hectares) and surface improvements in non-urban sections to the north of Taoyuan International Airport in Dayuan Township and Lujhu Township in Taoyuan County and Taishan Township and Sinjhuang in Taipei County. The Ministry of the Interior granted its approval to requisitions on January 3, 4, and 5 of this year (2007). Taoyuan County Government and Taipei County Government have already conducted 30-day requisition announcements respectively from February 12 to March 14 (in Dayuan Township), February 14 to March 12 (in Lujhu Township), and from February 10 to March 12 (in Taishan Township and Sinjhuang). The requisitions will require a total of NT$666,909,799 in compensation. BOHSR had transferred this amount to bank accounts designated by the respective city and county governments by late February. Taoyuan County Government and Taipei County Government plan to begin issuing compensation for requisitioned land and surface improvements starting on March 22 and March 23 respectively.

    BOHSR held a negotiated land buyout conference for the land needed for Station A21 (located to the east of Jhongfong North Road in Jhongli City) on February 2, 2007. Unfortunately, the land owners at this conference opposed the land purchase, complained that the announced land values and added percentages were too low, and could not reach a consensus with BOHSR. However, if any land owners who did not attend the conference agree to a negotiated land buyout, they may submit land buyout consent letters to BOHSR by March 15, 2007. Persons who fail to submit a consent letter before the deadline shall be deemed to have rejected the agreement, and BOHSR shall perform subsequent requisition tasks in accordance with procedures.

    BOHSR held a negotiated land acquisition conference for land needed for this project's Lujhu Depot in 19-March. After the completion of urban land rezoning, BOHSR will also continue to acquire land within urban planning areas in the future.



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