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HSR and TRA Technical Exchange Activity - Train Scheduling Procedure Seminar08/25/2017
Summary of the Visits to Railway Research and Testing Organizations08/25/2017
The 11th Financial Audit of HSR Project Operational Phase08/25/2017
High-speed Rail Service Upgrade-Wi-Fi Equipment Installation08/25/2017
Summary of the 5th Taiwan-Japan Railway Practical Interchange & Cooperation Meeting07/25/2017
Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program- Railway Construction Tour Seminar07/25/2017
Minister of MOTC Hochen Led the Media to Experience the Yunlin and Chiayi Sugar Railway06/26/2017
Flash Event of the Opening of TIAA MRT Public Art Project-“Interaction Crossing Zone”05/25/2017
Turnouts for Dummies 3: Snap switch 05/27/2015
Designated (land) area near Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, and Tainan Station of the Taiwan High Speed Rail, that has been successfully marked.09/07/2011
Contract Signing of Automatic Fare Collection System Works for Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT with Contractor10/22/2010
The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Power Supply System for Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System Construction Project 10/01/2010
“Development and Operation Project of Special Industrial Zone of HSR Taoyuan Station District” Requests for Opinions from Vendors09/30/2010
Two Lots in HSR Hsinchu Station Designated Zone Successfully Sold by Tender09/29/2010
“Tendering Lease of Commercial Zone Land No. 28 and 31 of HSR Taichung Station Area” is won by Nanrenhu Group09/16/2010
Tendering Lease of Commercial Zone Land No. 51 and 57 of HSR Taichung Station Area09/14/2010
Taiwan High Speed Rail Annual Inspection09/10/2010
Construction of main line demonstration track on TIAA MRT Project was
Successful sale by tender of six parcels of land in the HSR Taoyuan Station Designated Zone by BOHSR, MOTC08/25/2010
BOHSR Announces Sale by Tender of Land in the HSR Hsinchu Station District08/19/2010
HSR switch malfunction 08/10/2010
BOHSR Responds to Report "The TIAA MRT Project Vast Excavation Leaves Public at Risk"08/05/2010
Explanation of the signal abnormality occurring at HSR turnout 1072 in Taipei on July 29, 2010 07/30/2010
Express trains on the TIAA MRT will still stop at the Wugu Industrial Park Station and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Station. 07/25/2010
Cross passage of Shield Tunnel of Airport MRT & Bamboo-Cutting foundation Are to Be Completed with Great Expeditiousness07/23/2010
Operation status after THSR Issued Multi-ride and Periodic Tickets in July.07/23/2010
HSR Maintenance Vehicle Derailing Accident07/14/2010
BOHSR to sell land in the HSR Taoyuan Station District by tender07/02/2010
The Salaries of THSRC High Kevel Managers06/24/2010
While maintaining operating safety and passenger comfort, in response to the President's wishes, the Bureau of Taiwan High Speed Rail, MOTC will review the possibility of shortening the travel time of express trains on the TIAA MRT.06/07/2010







“Development and Operation Project of Special Industrial Zone of HSR Taoyuan Station District” Requests for Opinions from Vendors:::
To pave the way for the coming 10 years after the signing of ECFA, the Executive Yuan has listed “Development and Operation Project of Special Industrial Zone of HSR Taoyuan Station District” as one of the flagship projects to invite international companies for investment. In the aim to organize investment projects that meet the investment requirements of the market and at the same time possess high competitiveness, the Bureau of High Speed Railway, MOTC is now requesting the ideas from vendors. The Bureau has also planned to hold a “Symposium on Hearing Ideas from Vendors” on October 7, 2010 10:00am.
The Special Industrial Zone of HSR Taoyuan Station District is located at the joint of HSR and Airport MRT. Through the connection with Taoyuan International Airport, the district shares the dual-axis advantages of an aerospace city. With cross-strait transportation, signing of ECFA, and other policies that eventually bring Taiwanese companies back to Taiwan, multi-national enterprises can base them in Taiwan as the general operation center to develop their potential commercial opportunities. In the long run, the project can transfer the district into a new location for enterprises to seize the markets in China and East Asia. The area of the project is complete and extends as large as 22 hectares. The infrastructure is well equipped and the local government is willing to provide the maximum flexibility of land usage, incentives on development process and plot ratio, and many other incentives and promise private enterprises the best investment environment.
Currently, in order to request the opinions from potential investors, comprehend and learn the requirements on the market, the Bureau announces notification to officially “request the opinions from vendor” as the references in stipulating criteria for investors. Relating announcements are made on the website of the Bureau of High Speed Railway ( Further, the Symposium on Hearing Ideas from Vendors will be held at October 7, 2010 10:00am at the 2nd Meeting Room on the 10th Floor of Bureau of HSR Building, MOTC (No. 7, Sec. 2, Xian Min Boulevard, Banqiao City, Taipei County). The Bureau welcomes the wide participation of all vendors to submit their suggestions.
For more information on the project, please contact Mr. of Bureau of HSR at 02-8072-3333 ext. 5638 or recruitment advisor, Jones Lang LaSalle at 02-8758-9898.



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