Enviromental Protection
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Environmental Protection of HSR
The Environmental Impact Assessment of HSR
The Execution Plan of HSR Environmental Protection Plan







Environmental Protection of HSR:::
The HSR could meet with the future growing transportation demands and simultaneously could alleviate the saturated status of Chung Shan speed high way. Moreover, it could facilitate the development of social economy due to the full utilization of transportation.

The Bureau of Transportation did emphasize on the environmental protection and therefore include it as the most critical factor to be considered for this project. How to alleviate the environmental impact on the engineering and construction work for reducing the side-effect to the minimum has became the most critical factor for determining whether the plan could be facilitated successfully or not.

For actually controlling the environmental factors, the MOTC has continuously implemented the following facilities by taking consideration into the design, engineering, construction and operation activities.

  • The environmental Impact Assessment
  • The execution plan of environment protection of HSR
  • The wildlife protection of aquatic pheasant
  • The feasibility study of environmental impact resulting from the development of maintenance substation in ShiChi of HSR
  • The rescue plan of relics along the HSR route
  • The feasibility study of the reduced vibration of bridge for HSR passing the Southern Industrial Park



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