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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System Contruction Project:::

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is the key portal to international communities. One important sign for being a developed country is her capability to provide airport passengers with a safe, convenient, comfortable and high quality transit service.

As one item of the government-funded “i-Taiwan 12 Projects”, this airport link transit system Project will connect the Taoyuan International Airport with surrounding transportation hubs such as Taipei Main Station, High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station, etc. so that international airlines may tie closely to the local transportation web.

This Project can also stimulate prosperity along the route in coordination with the existing urban developments, to reach a more balanced city vs. countryside status.

The total budget for this Project is roughly NT$113.85 billion


The Project starts from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal II, which goes eastward to Terminal I, then passes through villages and townships of Lujhu, Linkou, Gueishan, Sinjhuang, Taishan, Sanchong into Taipei City, while southward goes through High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station to Jhongli City. The total route length is approximately 51.03 km, including the underground section about 10.92 km and the elevated section about 40.11 km. There are 22 stations, of which 15 elevated and 7 underground, and 2 maintenance depots, i.e. Chingpu and Luchu.



To meet demands of different passengers, the Project will provide two respective services with Express Trains and Commuter Trains:
The Express Train with fast and fewer-stop services are specially provided for airport passengers from Station A1 in central Taipei City, which will stop at Station A3 New Taipei Industrial Park, Station A8 ChangGung Hospital, Station A12 Airport Terminal I, Station A13 Terminal II, and finally Station A14 Terminal III.

The Commuter Train services, which are designed for commuters, will use the same rail route as of the Express Train and stop at each station. It is expected that most of the airport staff and the commuters to Taipei City will take such services.

During the initial stage of operation, services will be provided with the headway of 10 minutes for one Express Train and one Commuter Train. The Express Train running time from Taipei Main Station to Taoyuan Airport will be about 35 minutes, and Commuter Train from Taipei Main Station to Jhongli will take about 70 minutes.
1.The Phase 1, Sanchong to Jhongli section, is scheduled to begin revenue service in 2015.
2.The revenue service of phase 2, Sanchong to Taipei section, will begin revenue service in 2015.

The overall completion rate was 93.74% as of the end of Aug 2014.

The MRT's 22 stations include 15 elevated stations and seven underground stations. The system also includes the Chingpu and Lujhu maintenance depots.
Station & Depot Location
Taipei Main StationAt the west side of Taipei Main Station
Sanchong StationAt the junction of HuanHe Road and JieYun Road, Sanchong (co-station with Sanchong Station of TRTC Sinjhuang Line)
New Taipei Industrial Park StationAt the junction of New Taipei Blvd and WuKong Road, Sinjhuang (co-station with New Taipei Industrial Park Station of TRTC Circular Line)
Xinzhuang Fuduxin StationNew Taipei Blvd in between SinWu Road and WuKong 6th Road
Taishan StationAt the junction of New Taipei Blvd and TaiLin Road, Taishan
Taishan Guihe StationAt the junction of New Taipei Blvd and GueiYang Street, Taishan
National Taiwan Sport University StationAt the north side of the junction of WenHua 1st Road and ChingShan Road, Gueishan
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital StationAt the junction of WenHua 1st Road and FuSing 1st Road, Gueishan
Linkou StationAt the junction of WenHua 3rd Road and BaDe Road, Linkou
Shanbi StationAt the south side of ShanBi Bridge on NanShan Road, Lujhu
Kengkou StationNear KengKou Village, Lujhu
Airport Terminal 1 StationBelow Taoyuan International Airport Terminal I
Airport Terminal 2 StationBelow Taoyuan International Airport Terminal II
Airport Terminal 3 StationAt the west side of Taoyuan International Airport Terminal III
Airport Hotel StationNear Taoyuan International Airport Transit Hotel
Dayuan StationNear Dayuan interchange of National Freeway #2
Hengshan StationNear TsiChiang Bridge at HengShan Community, Dayuan
Linghang StationAt the northeast side of HSR Taoyuan Station District
Taoyuan HSR StationAt the north side of HSR Taoyuan Station
Taoyuan Sports Park StationAt the southwest side of HSR Taoyuan Station District
Xingnan StationAlong the Chingpu-Jhongli Planned Road Near HsiaHsingNan, Jhongli
Huanbei StationAt the junction of JhongFong Road and HuanBei Road, Jhongli
Lujhu DepotAt the north side of Nankan Creek, beside ShanGuo Road
Chingpu DepotAt the northeast side of HSR Taoyuan Station District

In-Town Check-In and Porter Service
The In-Town Check-In and Porter Service will be provided at Stations A1, A3 and A18. In so doing, the airline check-in counters at the airport are moved to downtown area and the stations in city center become part of the airport. Passengers can thus forward baggage and get boarding pass ahead of time.

Operation Characteristics and E&M Systems Mode
Operation Modeautomatic and manual as backup
Operation Headway5 min. in initial stage / 3.75 min. in target year
Service Time06:00 – 24:00
Wheel/Rail TypeSteel Wheel and Steel Rail
Operation DispatchCentralised Traffic Control (CTC)
Signaling SystemAutomatic Train Control (ATC)
Power SupplyDirect Current Third Rail Type, Traction Power 750 V

Project Benefit

With the completion of the Project, a rail transportation system will connect Taoyuan International Airport with HSR/TRA stations as well as Taipei Rapid Transit lines including Danshui and Nangang/Banqiao, also the forthcoming Xinzhuang Line and Circular Line. Such a compound transportation system will be more comprehensive and more convenient.

It will only take about 35 minutes for the express train of the Airport Link Transit System from Station A1 (Taipei Main Station) to Taoyuan International Airport. Not only the traveling time to the airport is reduced, but also freeway traffic flow will thus go down with less social costs like oil consumption, air pollution, etc. The In-Town Check-In service will conveniently let airline passengers earlier forward baggage and get boarding pass right at the moment, so that they may keep shopping around or doing business without carrying heavy luggage.

Upon revenue operation of the transit system, the overall values and benefits of the land peripheral to the stations and the route will be highly promoted through joint multiple-purpose development.



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